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ICC News Item #1797

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Amber GM coverage on ICC and Chess.FM starts Saturday!

The top five active players in the world - World Champion Kramnik and
GMs Anand, Topalov, Leko, and Morozevich - along with GMs Svidler,
Shirov, Ivanchuk, Bareev, Gelfand, Vallejo Pons and van Wely 
- will be competing in the 14th Annual Amber Blindfold and Rapids,
March 19th through 31st. (Garry Kasparov is now inactive, having
announced his retirement from professional competitions last week.)

ICC will bring you all of the games daily starting at 7:30 AM ICC time.
Chess.FM will begin live coverage daily at 9 AM ICC time. (Note: on
March 27, Europe goes to summer time, the last several days will begin
one hour earlier, and the final day starts an additional hour earlier,
too.) Chess.FM coverage will again be hosted by Tony Rook, along with a
stellar team of GMs and IMs; see www.Chess.FM for details.

The Grandmasters play 'blindfold chess' in the first two sessions, at
7:30 and 9:15, and normal 'rapid chess' in the later sessions at 11:15
and 12:45 each day.  The games will last about one hour.

Visit the official web site at  Type
finger Live on ICC for the current games.  finger Amber05 on ICC
for more information.
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