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ICC News Item #1792

NEWS 1792 (21-Feb-05)Next Previous
ICC and Chess.FM (and Tony Rook) cover the Linares Super-GM Tournament!

ICC and Chess.FM will bring you the games of the strongest and probably
most exciting event of the year - the "Ciudad de Linares" Super-GM
Tournament from Linares, Spain from February 23 to March 10.  Five of
the top six rated players in the world, plus the current FIDE champion
will compete. This year, to counter short draws, the players are not
being paid appearance fees, and prizes have been raised to more than 
$350,000 (with over $125,000 to the winner).

ICC will show the games live each day at 9:30am ICC time, accompanied
by live GM commentary. Tony Rook is returning to Chess.FM to host
complete start-to-finish coverage; a team of top GM analysts will join
Tony. March 1 and March 7 are rest days.  The tournament is a double  
round robin with seven players and 14 rounds.

                  FIDE rating  Rank  Country
GM Garry Kasparov       2804   (1)   Russia  
GM Viswanathan Anand    2786   (2)   India   
GM Veselin Topalov      2757   (3)   Bulgaria
GM Peter Leko           2749   (5)   Hungary 
GM Michael Adams        2741   (6)   England 
GM Francisco Vallejo    2686   (18)  Spain   
GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov  2678   (25)  Uzbekistan

ICC members are welcome to "observe" the games and "whisper" comments
with the other spectators. finger Live on ICC will give you specific
information about the game numbers to observe. finger Linares05 for 
results, standings, and other information.  The games will also be    
listed in the Event List in Blitzin, click "Window", "Event List", then
click the icon to watch a game.  To listen to Chess.FM, go to www.Chess.FM ;
you can also "follow ChessFM" on ICC to follow the Chess.FM board.
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