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ICC News Item #1786

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Tigran Petrosian Memorial Internet Tournament

ICC will host a 4 team event December 18-23.  Armenia (average FIDE rating 
2626), China (2590), France (2627), and Russia (2688) will have teams of 
4 players each, playing on ICC from their own country. There will be an 
arbiter at each playing site. The games will be shown on  Games start 6:00 AM ICC time, US east coast 
time.  That is 11:00 GMT, 12:00 Paris, France,  14:00 St. Petersburg, Russia, 
15:00 Yerevan, Armenia and 19:00 Beijing, China.  On ICC, type "tell pear 
games" for the games in progress.  Guests will be able to watch the games.

Each match is 4 boards with six rounds of matches.  Each player will have 
two games with the corresponding player from the other teams. Clocks start 
with 90 minutes.  15 minutes added after move 40.  30 seconds are added 
after every move.

Armenia: Levon Aronian, Smbat Lputian, Gabriel Sargissian, Art Minasian
China: Bu Xiangzhi, Ni Hua, Zhang Zhong, Wang Yue
France: Joel Lautier, Laurent Fressinet, Christian Bauer, Igor Nataf
Russia : Peter Svidler, Alexey Dreev, Alexander Khalifman, Vadim Zvjaginsev
The overall prize fund is US $55,000 with the following breakdown: 1st place 
$20,000, 2nd place $15,000, 3rd place $12,000, 4th place $8,000.

This event is sponsored by The Chess Academy of Armenia, Saint Petersburg 
Chess Federation, Clichy Echecs 92, Chinese Chess Association, Marriott 
Hotels, Lycos and webam.
Tigran Petrosian was the 9th World Champion. He defeated Mikhail Botvinnik 
in 1963 to become World Champion and lost his title to Boris Spassky in 1969.
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