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ICC News Item #1780

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ICC server move completed

The ICC is now running on new servers and is hosted at a new
location: Net Access Corporation, in New Jersey.  The new servers
are faster and more reliable, and the new location has better
internet connectivity and better engineering support.  Ping times
should be equal or quicker than before.  We also upgraded the
server's operating systems and reconfigured our servers for
increased security.  The result should be: less lag, less down-
time, and more fun!

Most users shouldn't have to do anything different to connect
with the new servers.  However, if a client requires an IP
address, you can access at, and at

Special thanks to Aaron Wohl for working overtime on-site the
last few weeks to help make this multi-faceted move a success.

ICC's business office hasn't moved; it's still in Pittsburgh.
See help addresses.
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