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ICC News Item #1779

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November Tournament Marathon on ICC with Prizes!

On Saturday, November 13, the Tomato family of automated TDs
on the Internet Chess Club will begin a 24-hour Marathon of
Tournaments.  These tournaments will be divided into 5 sections.
There will be 2 classes (1600+ and U1600, both 5 0) for the
blitz players and 2 classes for the bullet players (1800+ and
U1800, 1 0) as well as a 15 0 standard section.

The first tournaments will begin at exactly 12:00 noon server time
(EST) on Saturday, November 13 and the Marathon will conclude at the
end of any tournaments ongoing at 11:59 am server time Sunday
November 14.

The winners in each of the 5 sections will receive prizes.  Winners
will be determined by cumulative number of points scored in the event.
There are also prizes for most games played in the 5 sections.
For more information about prizes and complete rules of the Marathon,
please read help Marathon on ICC, or visit

If you have any questions, message Kiebitz on ICC or email to
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