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ICC News Item #1774

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ICC Live Coverage of Kramnik - Leko 2004 Classical World Chess Championship

2004 Classical World Chess Championship
GM Vladimir Kramnik vs. GM Peter Leko
September 25 - October 18, 2004
Brissago, Switzerland

The 2004 Classical World Chess Championship is a 14 game match between
GM Vladimir Kramnik of Russia and GM Peter Leko of Hungary.  The winner
of this match meets the winner of the as yet unscheduled Kasparov vs.
Kasimdzhanov match to decide the Unified World Championship.

ICC will be covering every round of the 2004 Classical World Chess
Championship live!  Every game will be broadcast on Chess.FM online radio
with GM and IM commentary.  Every move will be relayed on ICC. Log on to
ICC to follow the moves and join the commentary and chat.

On ICC you can type "observe 1" to follow the live relay.  Access the
Chess.FM live online radio broadcasts at

All games start 9:00 AM Eastern time each day.  Check out for the match
schedule, broadcasts and relay details, and background on the match.  On
ICC you can also type finger Kramnik-Leko to get the latest information.
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