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ICC News Item #1772

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ICC Launches Secure Web Order Forms

You can now purchase or extend an ICC membership, buy gift
certificates, and purchase chekels through your web browser with
ICC's new secure web order forms.

When you access the secure web forms, your browser shows a "locked
padlock" icon that indicates your communication with the ICC web site
is encrypted and secure.  ICC takes great care in protecting financial
information.  In almost ten years of service, no member has ever lost
a penny of their money because of poor security at ICC.

Purchase or extend an ICC membership at:

Buy gift certificates at:

Purchase chekels at:

You can also buy memberships, gift certificates, and chekels while
logged on to ICC, by email, phone, fax, or by mail.  For details see:

For more information about online security at ICC see help security

If you have any questions or comments, you can ask a question in
Channel 1 (the Help Channel), send a message to ICC, send an email to, or contact ICC through:
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