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ICC News Item #1766

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LIVE COVERAGE of Dortmund on ICC and Chess.FM

ICC and Chess.FM will have live coverage of the Dortmund Sparkassen,
July 22 through August 1. For the live Chess.FM audio go to .  Chess.FM commentators will be
GM Larry Christiansen, IM Elliott Winslow, IM Mark Diesen, IM Mark
Ginsburg and IM Danny Kopec.  On ICC type finger Live for the observe
commands for the games.  Type finger Dortmund04 for standings and event
The live moves on ICC will start 8:00 AM each day except the last day
August 1, which will start at 5:30 AM.  Chess.FM will be live on the air
1-hour after the start of each round. This will allow us to come into the
late opening of each round.  So, Chess.FM coverage will be starting at
9:00 AM and 6:30 AM August 1.  All times are US east coast time.  Add 4
hours to get GMT.

The event starts with 2 groups.  All play all twice within their group.  
The top 2 from each group play 2 game matches for places 1-4.  The other
two play for places 5-8.  Every player will play in every round.
Group A
GM Viswanathan Anand, India 2782
GM Peter Svidler, Russia 2722
GM Sergei Rublevsky, Russia 2686
GM Arkadij Naiditsch, Germany 2574
Group B
GM Vladimir Kramnik, Russia 2770
GM Peter Leko, Hungary 2741
GM Viorel Bologan, Moldova 2663
GM Sergey Karjakin, Ukraine 2591 

For more information go to the Dortmund web site (German and English)
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