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ICC News Item #1764

NEWS 1764 (22-Jun-04)Next Previous
New ICC Web Site with Chess.FM & ICC Chess Store!

ICC is proud to announce the launch of its new web site at  This is the first of many improvements ICC is
rolling out in 2004.  Important additions to the ICC site include the
re-launch of Chess.FM and the ICC Chess Store.

Integrated with ICC, Chess.FM emerges in Summer 2004 as a full-featured,
multi-media chess resource providing online videos by master players and
live coverage of major events.

Chess.FM rolls out with new online videos from Grandmasters Larry
Christiansen and Joel Benjamin.  Regular updates include Grandmaster John
Fedorowicz doing round by round online videos analyzing the 2004 FIDE
Championship and International Master Mark Diesen creating videos 
analyzing important games.

The ICC Chess Store includes products by ICC vendors and members, along
with a wide selection of other great chess merchandise. 

We'd love to hear what you think about the new site.  Please send your
feedback to
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