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ICC News Item #1755

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GM Larry Christiansen joins the ICC team

ICC is happy to announce that GM Larry Christiansen (LarryC) will hold
regularly scheduled events on ICC.  This will include simuls, playing
blitz with members, lectures and commenting tournaments broadcast on 
ICC.  Watch the ICC files help event2 and help event for his events.
His first event will be a simul Monday April 5 at 8:00 PM EDT.

Grandmaster Larry Christiansen is one of the few players in the history
of chess to skip right over the lesser International Master title. In the
1980s Larry played the European circuit and participated in the German
club league, or Bundesliga, in which he was a regular all-star.
Christiansen was U.S. co-Champion in 1980 and 1983 and U.S. champion for 2002.  
He has represented the United States eight times in the bi-annual chess 
Olympiads events as a player.

At the 1998 Olympiad, Larry was non-playing captain of the U.S. team that
brought home the silver medal, narrowly missing the gold. Considered one
of the greatest attacking players in the history of American chess, 
Larry's latest achievement is the publication of his book 
"Rocking The Ramparts", the sequel to "Storming the Barricades".
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