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ICC News Item #1753

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ICC 3 0 Championship with prizes starts April 3rd!

The bimonthly Championship tournament in a new format!
The whole event will be played within one week only.  Every
ICC member is invited to try to become the 3 0 Champion of
the year 2004!  Class champions (Under 2000 and Under 1600) will
also be crowned.

Here is the schedule of qualifiers, each one is a 11 round,
swiss pairings, tournament:

Saturday, April 3  14:00 EST
Sunday, April 4    12:00 EDT
Monday, April 5    19:00 EDT
Tuesday, April 6   21:00 EDT
Wednesday, April 7  9:00 EDT
Thursday, April 8  15:00 EDT

All times are server time.  Type "date" on ICC to see current
server time, and mind the switch to daylight saving time this weekend!

Take part in as many qualifiers as you wish.  You needn't sign up
in advance; just show up a few minutes before the starting time,
issue the command "tell Littleper join".

Top players from the qualifiers advance to the final stage. For
details, read help Championship on ICC.  Schedule for finals:

Saturday, April 10:
14:00 Under 2000 Final
15:30 Under 1600 Final
17:00 Open Final

The finals are multi-elimination tournaments. 3 losses, and you
are out!

There are also account extension prizes:
The winner of the open final receives 3 months, second 2 months,
third 1 month.  Winners of the class finals receive 2 months each.

Consult for all details.

Good Luck in the 3 0 Championship 2004!
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