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ICC News Item #1750

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Dos Hermanas V breaks all records!

For the fifth time, the Dos Hermanas tournament took place on ICC
and once again, it was a record-breaking tournament.  With players
from 93 countries registering, a total of 1,627 players actually
took part in the event, which represents a rise of more than 45
percent over 2003!  Qualifier 1 with 553 players beat the record for
a single tournament overall.  Also, the number of titled players
increased; we recorded 74 Grandmasters, 5 Women Grandmasters, 126
International Masters and 8 Women International Masters.

The 32 top players from the qualifiers met in the knockout finals
last weekend.  Here are the results:

Tied for 1st (1350 Euro each):   GM Daniel Fridman (Latvia)
                                 GM Jan Gustafsson (Germany)
3rd-4th   (600 Euro each):       GM Arthur Kogan (Israel)
                                 GM Kiril Georgiev (Bulgaria)
5th-8th   (250 Euro each):       GM Vitali Golod (Israel)
                                 GM Sergei Movsesian (Slovakia)
                                 IM Radoslaw Jedynak (Poland)
                                 GM Zhang Zhong (China)
9th-16th  (150 Euro each):       GM Zurab Azmaiparashvili (Georgia)
                                 GM Sergey Shipov (Russia)
                                 IM Boaz Emanuel Berg (Sweden)
                                 IM Salvador Alonso (Argentina)
                                 GM Krishnan Sasikiran (India)
                                 IM Diego Flores (Argentina)
                                 GM Alex Wojtkiewicz (USA)
                                 GM Sergey Volkov (Russia)

The first three non GM/IM players winning a 6-month extension prize
on ICC were: Huitag, YaacovN and inmortal.

The first three non-members of ICC, also winning 6 months were:
Lucrecio, alexeyL and Nutibara.

Six 6-month extension prizes were raffled between all participants.
The winners are: MegaLiquors, stonwall, teo88, gautelin, ulaanbaatar
and mekong.

Congratulations to all prize winners!  You can take a look at detailed
results or download PGN files with all games played in the tournament
in the results section on

ICC would like to thank the Dos Hermanas City Council, the
Municipal Foundation for Sport of Dos Hermanas and EDAMI
(Miguel Illescas Chess School) for their generous sponsorship
and support.

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