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ICC News Item #1745

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LIVE COVERAGE on ICC of Linares: Kasparov, Kramnik play

ICC and Chess.FM will have exciting live coverage of the Linares 
tournament  starting Thursday, February 19, 2004.  Chess.FM commentators 
will be GM Larry Christiansen, GM Roman Dzindzihashvili, IM Malcom Pein, 
FM Chris Duncan, and James Coleman!
Players in the tournament:
Gary Kasparov 2830
Vladimir Kramnik 2770
Veselin Topalov 2735
Peter Leko 2722
Alexei Shirov 2737
Paco Vallejo 2662
Teimour Radjabov 2650

The starting time for each round has not been announced, but is expected 
to be about 9:00 AM EST (1400 GMT).  Type finger Live and "finger 
Linares04" on ICC for current information.

The official web site is (Spanish)

Information for our Spanish-speaking members:

ICC tendrá COBERTURA EN VIVO del Torneo Linares desde Linares, España
durante Febrero 10 - Marzo 5.  Jugarán Kasparov Kramnik Shirov Topalov 
Leko Vallejo Pons y Radjabov.  Escribe finger Linares04 y finger Live
para ver la más reciente información.

El GM Pablo Zarnicki (garompon) hará comentarios y análisis en
español por lo menos durante las rondas 11-14, Marzo 2-5. Escribe
"follow garompon" para observarlo. 

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