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ICC News Item #1738

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Live Coverage on ICC of Corus: Kramnik, Anand, Svidler, etc!

The ICC broadcast team will be showing games from the 
Corus at Wijk aan Zee Tournament taking place in The
Netherlands from January 10 to 25.  Players include
Grandmasters Kramnik, Anand, Svidler, Shirov, Topalov,
Leko, Adams, Bareev, Sokolov, Akopian, Bologan, Zhang,
van Wely, and Timman.

All rounds start at 7:30am ICC time except the last round,
which starts at 6:30am.  Rest days are January 12, 16,
and 21.

ICC members are welcome to "observe" the games and "whisper"
comments with the other spectators. finger Live on ICC
will give you specific information about the game numbers to
observe.  finger Corus04, finger CorusB04, and
finger CorusC04 for results, standings, and other
information.  The games will also be listed in the Event
List in Blitzin, where you can click on the icon to watch
while they are in progress.

The official web page for the event is:

GM Pablo Zarnicki (garompon) will comment in Spanish for
rounds 1, 3, 5 and 6.  Type "follow garompon" to watch.
This is the first time ICC has offered commentary in Spanish.
There will also be live commentary in English starting with
Round 2.

Information for our Spanish-speaking members:

ICC tendrá COBERTURA EN VIVO del Torneo Corus desde Wijk aan Zee
durante enero 10-25. Las partidas comenzarán a las 7:30 AM, hora de
ICC (excepto la última ronda, que comenzará a las 6:30 AM). Jugarán
Kramnik, Anand, Svidler y Shirov entre otros. Escribe finger Corus04
para ver la más reciente información.

El GM Pablo Zarnicki (garompon) hará comentarios y análisis en
español por lo menos durante las rondas 1, 3, 5 y 6. Escribe
"follow garompon" para observarlo. Esta será la primera vez
que ICC ofrezca comentarios en español.
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