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ICC News Item #1732

NEWS 1732 (26-Nov-03)Next Previous
New Weekly Team Standard Tournament on ICC.

For the first time, the Internet Chess Club Tomato team presents
a team tournament with freemonth prizes!  Every Saturday at
12:00 noon, there will be a Team tournament with four teams
(called Earth, Wind, Water and Fire). Any ICC member can join
one of the teams, for example, to join team 'Water', you would

tell Slomato join Water

before the tournament starts. 3 rounds of 15 5 games will be played.

At the end of each month, we determine which of the four teams
got the most points during the month. This team wins a total of
six free months of ICC membership. The prize is divided between
all players who played for that team AND were present in at least
all but one tournament AND scored at least 50 % in their games
played, forfeit wins and losses counted.

Have fun in this team competition, and remember to show up on
time before 12:00 noon each Saturday, as there is no latejoin!
The December series will start on Saturday, November 29.

Please see help team-standard for detailed rules.
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