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ICC News Item #1729

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ICC records smashed during Game 3 of Kasparov-Fritz X3D!

During the broadcast of game 3 of the match between Kasparov and
Fritz X3D on Sunday, November 16, a number of new records were
set on the Internet Chess Club:

Number of handles logged in at one time:  7352

Number of observers of a game at one time:  5571

Number of different handles to observe a game: 12039

During Game 2 of the match on November 13, another
record was set with 216 FIDE-titled players logged onto
ICC at one time!

Even with the record numbers, ICC was up all the time during
the match, and lag was not a problem.

The match is now tied at 1.5-1.5.  Game 1 was a draw.  Fritz
won game 2.  Kasparov won game 3.  Don't miss the final Game 4
which will decide the outcome of the match on Tuesday, November 18
at 1pm ICC time (7pm CET).  news 1728 on ICC has more information
about the match.
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