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ICC News Item #1727

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NEW weekly $100 prizes in the Weekday Tourneys!

Starting on Monday, November 10, the traditional 'Weekday' tournaments
will have weekly prizes also! Our sponsor, Convekta Ltd. will give away
one of their chess software products worth about USD 100 to the person
who scores the most points in the Weekday tournaments in a week.

The winner can chose from the following:

- Chess Assistant 7.1
- Total Chess Training
- Great Players Kit (5 CDs: Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Tal)

The tournaments are two 5-round Swiss 5 0, starting at 11:30 am and
1:00 pm ICC time, Monday through Friday. They are held on Tomato.

To play, login to ICC a few minutes before the start, and watch
the s-shouts for the announcements and instructions on how to enter.

Make sure to visit the Chess Assistant Store on ICC to see a
description of the prizes as well as many other products you can
purchase there online.

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