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ICC News Item #1715

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Tomato 200,000 tournaments Celebration on Oct 4.

ICC and the Tomato team of managers are proud to announce the

*** 200,000 Tomato tournaments Celebration ***

In the past 8 years the Tomato team has run the amazing
number of 200,000 tournaments for ICC members! This is reason
enough to celebrate with a big event: SEVEN YEARS of free
ICC membership will be at stake on Saturday, October 4!

The tournament will begin at 2pm server time. There will be
five parallel qualification tournaments, each Swiss 9 rounds,
time control 3 0. Join one of them! No preregistration is
necessary, you show up before 14:00 and just type one of
the following:

tell Olive join
tell Ketchup join
tell Littleper join
tell Cooly join
tell Tomato join

The top 36 players in each qualifier will move on to the
final stage, just after that. Those will be double elimination
tournaments with a time control of 4 2. There are three
finals, top 12 of each qualifier go to the A-Final, next
12 to the B-Final, next 12 to the C-Final.

If you want to play, you may want to read all the details
by doing help 200k on ICC, or by going here:

Do not miss this big event! Even at ICC, with over
600 tournaments per week, round numbers like this do not
happen all too often! See you on Saturday, October 4, 2pm.
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