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ICC News Item #1714

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October FIDE rating list and statistics available on ICC

You can search the October FIDE rating list online on ICC.
For example, if you type "tell roboadmin fide Shirov", you
will see information for Grandmaster Alexei Shirov.  To see
a rating history from the last six FIDE rating lists, you
can type "tell roboadmin fide2 Shirov".  Note that the search
is case sensitive, so "shirov" will not work, and you can
only enter one name, not a first and last name.

help FIDEstats has some interesting statistics gathered from
the recent FIDE rating lists.  It shows the number of GMs, IMs,
FMs, WGMs, WIMs, and WFMs on each list.  It also shows the
number of players in each 100-point rating range from 1800
to 2900 on each rating list.
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