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ICC News Item #1712

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Play Tournaments on ICC! Last month's winners.

The Internet Chess Club holds over 700 tournaments every week for
members!  There are 74  regularly-scheduled weekly events (plus other
semi-regular events), and hundreds of impromptu tournaments each day
for bullet, blitz, standard, and wild variations.

Winners of the scheduled events can get their names listed in
these news items.  1 month prize for winning the most scheduled
events, 1 month prize for winning the most points during scheduled
events, and 1 month prize for playing in the most rounds during
scheduled events each month.  Maximum prize is 1 month prize per person
per month.

***NEW***Each player can win a maximum of 1 freemonth from ordinary
scheduled prizes each month.***NEW***

Tournament series events have monthly prizes too!  "finger
tomatowinners" and finger Tomato-Prizes for prizes and prize-winners.

Tournaments are run by over 200 managers, using the tournament
programs Tomato, Slomato, Flash, etc.  For general information,
use help Tomato and help tournaments.

To request a certain type of tournament, request it in channel 221:
"tell 221 I would like a 5 0 rated u1500".

Winners of 2 or more scheduled events (August 1-31):

26 wins - KevinEM (+1 month)
19 wins - Jorge-Sabas
15 wins - MrPipes
11 wins - MagnusFaldt
8 wins - mudilo
6 wins - HSK, VladTretiak20
5 wins - ol4ik
4 wins - badenia, Beats20Cents, Fishman, Pineapple, svindel, Wolfi
3 wins - drepsed, elreloj2, pampachess, retry, StesurBarsa, winerov
2 wins - Arshanay, BestOfLuck, canibusfan, Catarina, chesskilleruk,
Chezzdevil, CLACTON, DaveTheBattler, dsc, Esoteric, fledermaus,
FlordePato, FuLinHyu, GARRYMAC, genepol, Girkassa, Grand-attack,
grepatand, Hal, Hawkeye, IAmAnonymous, Iambeginner, JJensen,
JohnDTerminator, kcocesoom, kirby, latuero, memory, Narcissist,
onslaught, plotkin, Qualo, qwerty123456, Randori. supertigre, Tipau
1 win - 128 others

Most scheduled tourny rounds played- (435 rounds) OF (+1 month)
tell tomato series most aug03-scheduled

Most scheduled tourny points earned- (391.5 points) narog (+1 month)
tell tomato series best aug03-scheduled

To access the entire grid report use:
tell tomato series mail aug03-scheduled youremailaddress

During the month of August 2003 there were-
338 tourneys - 1,902 rounds - 2,540 players in the scheduled events.
2,711 TOTAL tournaments not including automato and pear.
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