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ICC News Item #1709

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Team 45 45 League: Results and New Tournament Signup.

Signups are beginning for the Team 45 45 League Tournament
#20.  Play one game with a time control of 45 45 each
week for six weeks beginning August 27.  The registration
period is August 7-20.  You play on a team, but if you
don't have a team, you can enter and we will help you
find one.  Each week the match has four boards, and a
team can have as many as six members.  Please send all
team and individual entries to .  Please
sign up only if you are available to play for the six weeks.

Players on the winning team in each of the three sections
(Under 2000, Under 1600, and Under 1300) receive a one-month
ICC membership extension if they play at least 2 games for
their team and have no forfeits.

More information is available on ICC in help team4545 and
finger team4545.  The web page for the league is:

Results of Tournament #19 with 31 teams:

U2000 Section:
Winning Team: Rabid Rats
Captain: Chessateer
Team Members: poeijer, SuperMang, Boffin, Chessateer, Watauba

U1600 Section:
Winning Team: Tomato Sauce
Team Members: autobot, wolfwoman, Allan, jmedic, Zentao

U1300 Section:
Winning Team: Pawnmates
Captain: Reijo
Team Members: Recurve, SandiaCaveMan, BriteNite, Gralem, Hawk757
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