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ICC News Item #1701

NEWS 1701 (21-Jun-03)Next Previous
ChessWatch comes to ICC website.

The ChessWatch chess news column by Gene Venable, has joined the ICC
web site.  Go to  ChessWatch is
dedicated to exploring the amazing world of chess, primarily on the
Internet. It brings you the interesting, miscellaneous, unclassifiable,
essential Internet chess news, with an emphasis on the off-the-beaten-
track, from a world perspective, not just focused on English-language

ChessWatch started as an independent, zero-budget site in California
and was soon listed by the influential French Notzai site as "highly
recommended" and by Chessopolis as an "Essential Site". It migrated
to KasparovChess, headquarters of top player Garry Kasparov, in
Manhattan, and then moved to its Moscow office. When that site
eventually collapsed of its own weight, it joined,
which lapsed into a coma as its sponsors went on vacation, taking their
money with them. Now here it is, at the top of the chess world. The
favorite words of ChessWatch are "fun" and "now". It tries to cover
items of interest in all languages. It depends on input from its
readers, and invites tips, help, or whatever at
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