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ICC News Item #1686

NEWS 1686 (22-Mar-03)Next Previous
Dos Hermanas IV results: Porter(GM) wins!

For the fourth time, the Dos Hermanas tournament took place on ICC
and again defended its position as the most successful internet
chess tournament.  1,117 people played, among them 67 Grandmasters
and 103 International Masters.  The players came from 75 different

The 32 top players from the qualifiers met in the knockout finals
this weekend. Here is the result:

1st prize (1500 Euro): GM Vladimir Potkin, Russia (Porter)
2nd prize ( 750 Euro): GM Pablo Zarnicki, Argentina (ZARNICKI)
3rd/4th   ( 500 Euro): GM Vitaly Golod, Israel (Akula)
                       IM Roi Reinaldo, Spain (Reinalbo)
5th-8th   ( 200 Euro): GM Konstantin Sakaev, Russia (K-Sakaev)
                       GM Luke McShane, England (McShane)
                       GM Christian Bauer, France (crazyboy26)
                       IM Csaba Balogh, Hungary (BaloghCs)
9th-16th  ( 100 Euro): GM Mikhail Kobalia, Russia (M-Kobalija)
                       GM Alexey Dreev, Russia (Igrok)
                       GM Alexander Grischuk, Russia (depressnyak)
                       GM Pavel Jaracz, Poland (agnel)
                       GM Ivan Ivanisevic, Yugoslavia (ikica)
                       GM Levon Aronian, Armenia (L-Aronian)
                       GM Sergey Shipov, Russia (Crest)
                       GM Ildar Ibragimov, USA (ildar)

The first three non GM/IM players winning a 6-month extension prize
on ICC were: GeneraLisimus, krechet and VASTA-EDUARDO.

The first three non-members of ICC, also winning 6 months were:
Vovchik, Matrica and Garun.

Six 6-month extension prizes were raffled between all participants.
The winners are: gagomez, JHains2, SchaakSchaap, Zillmer, Jacobiano
and pdubz.

Congratulations to all prize winners!  You can take a look at detailed
results or download PGN files with all games played in the tournament
in the results section on  This event was
sponsored by the Dos Hermanas City Council, the Municipal Foundation
for Sport of Dos Hermanas and EDAMI (Miguel Illescas Chess School).

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