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ICC News Item #1685

NEWS 1685 (12-Mar-03)Next Previous
Join the ICC team in a game against Grandmaster Alterman!

GM Boris Alterman will play a team of ICC members Saturday, March 15
at 2 PM ICC server time.  Everyone is welcome to join the ICC team
and work together to beat GM Alterman.  To watch the game, type
"follow Team1".   To discuss the strategy and the next move, join
channel 11 by typing "+chan 11".  To tell something to that channel,
type "tell 11 I think Nf3 is good!".  To vote for a move, type "tell
Team1 Nf3", for example.  The move with the most votes will be played
by the Team1 program when the Team1 clock is down to 10 seconds.
For each move, you will have 90 seconds to discuss and vote.

Join in the fun of playing a Grandmaster, and learn strategy at the
same time by discussing with your team!
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