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ICC News Item #1679

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MIT - Caltech Match to be Played Live on ICC

On Sunday March 2nd, 2003 at 21:00 server time, two of the top
college chess teams in the United States will battle it out right
here on ICC.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will play
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in an eight board
match with time control 60 5.

The two institutes are great rivals and often fly teams across the
United States to compete against each other in various kinds of
competitions.  This event will mark the first occasion on which
they play a chess match.  The match is bound to be very exciting,
as the two teams are very evenly matched, with MIT having an
average team rating of 2101, and Caltech having an average team
rating of 2063.  The matchups are:

   MIT Players          USCF      Caltech Players     USCF
1. Tamer Karatekin     (2254)     Patrick Hummel     (2441)
2. Yelena Gorlin       (2161)     Whee Ky Ma         (2355)
3. Elina Groberman     (2129)     Sergiy Vasylkevych (----)
4. Sanne de Boer       (2076)     Eugene Yanayt      (2135)
5. Grady Cantrell      (2074)     Graham Free        (2083)
6. Sheel Dandekar      (2000)     Howard Liu         (1754)
7. David Gratton       (2058)     Stuart Ward        (1906)
8. Aleksandr Skorokhod (2053)     Clark Guo          (1768)

The results will be in finger MIT-Caltech2003.
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