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ICC News Item #1671

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Blitz Grand Slam III - Friday, January 31, 6:30pm

ICC presents a Blitz Grand Slam Tournament open to everyone!
This is also a celebration of Tortonpion managing over 3,000
Tournaments.  The prizes have a value of over $250, and
entry is free.  Titled players can win chekels!  Everyone can
win membership extensions!  Approximately half the players who
join this event will win a prize!

Format: 3 0 Blitz, Double Elimination Style.  Lose twice, you are out.
Start Time: Friday 6:30 pm EST, January 31, 2003
Entries: 512 Player limit - come early to reserve your seat!
Rounds:  approximately 17 rounds.
Eligibility: Free trials can play, but to claim a prize you must
             become an ICC member before February 7.
Prizes:  5 Years in ICC Membership Extensions!

Prizes are based on how many rounds you win.  Just about EVERYONE
who wins even just one game, will receive a prize.

The tournament opens one hour before the start, near 5:30 pm.
"tell Cooly join" to enter the tournament, between 5:30-6:30 server time.
If you are disconnected, before 6:30; you might have to re-type the above.
Note: Blitzin 2.3+ will be a *required* interface to play this tourney.

Be sure to read CAREFULLY all the prize details and rules, online
with the command help Slam.  Also "mailhelp Slam" to read the rules
in your email.
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