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ICC News Item #1668

NEWS 1668 (17-Jan-03)Next Previous
Chess Federation of Canada RATED tournament January 19.

Over $250 in guaranteed prizes!!

Next tournament:
Sunday, January 19th, 2003, at 6 pm ET (server time).
Canadian Federation (CFC) paid members have FREE entry.
Non-CFC members: ALSO free! And WILL also
receive an official CFC rating. Advance registrations only.

Please read CAREFULLY, help CFCseries
Some restrictions apply to non-CFC members.

Prizes, prizes, prizes!!!
The CFC donates $200 in gift certificate prizes, each month.
The ICC guarantees over 1 year in membership prizes, each month

Related useful commands when logged on to the ICC, are listed below.
help CFCseries  (complete rules, prize info, and entry details)
finger CFC-TD  (updates, current info, and access to past crosstables)  (Chess Federation of Canada website)

This series has existed for two years, and please note however, that in
order to continue it into 2003, some changes needed to be made. Some further
adjustments 'might' still be made in following months. Once again, please
read help CFCseries carefully.

See you all on Sunday!
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