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ICC News Item #1647

NEWS 1647 (23-Oct-02)Next Previous
GM Sutovsky (GMAlex) wins the ICC Blitz Championships!

After 12 games, GM Sutovsky led GM Dreev (Igrok) by 9-3 in the ICC
Blitz Championships, held back in September. Unfortunately, many
attempts to schedule the second part have failed. Given Sutovsky's
clear lead (just 10.5 needed), both players and ICC management agreed
to end the Championship here, instead of waiting until late November
to play out the rest.

Apart from the problem in the final, the Championship was a huge
event, with nearly 1,500 ICC members participating and USD 5,000
plus over 30 years of free months in prizes awarded. Third and fourth
place were shared by GMs Shipov (Crest) and Mikhalevski (Visam).
Congratulations to GM Sutovsky and all other prize winners!

You can find more information about the Championship, including PGN
files for all final round games at

ICC holds several hundred tournaments per week, some of them with
prizes. See help tomato and help event to learn about tournaments
on ICC.
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