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ICC News Item #1646

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Lecture/Chat with Deep Blue Designer Crazy Bird Hsu

On Sunday October 13th Feng-Hsiung Hsu (also known as Crazy Bird or
CB) will be on ICC to answer your questions and discuss his work on
Deep Blue.  His handle is "CrazyBird".

CB's book "Behind Deep Blue" has just been published by Princeton
University Press, to rave reviews (see below).  More information about
the book is available at or

The session will start at 1pm server time on Sunday October 13th.  (If
the Kramnik/Fritz game is still going on, we'll delay this event until
the game ends.)  To watch this event, use "observe CrazyBird".

  Feng-hsiung Hsu, who masterminded Kasparov's match play defeat by a
  computer, tells his story.  A nerdy book might be expected, delving
  into arcane topics (computer chip design, programming, chess), but
  instead we have something more like 'Indiana Jones and the Holy
  Grail.' No specialist knowledge is demanded. The author's adventures
  with phantom queens, etc. are fascinating. His will-to-win matched
  that of the legendary Kasparov.

    --Ken Whyld, Editor of the Oxford Companion to Chess
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