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ICC News Item #1638

NEWS 1638 (18-Sep-02)Next Previous
US Champ Larry Christiansen versus CM9000

Reigning US Champion GM Larry Christiansen will play four 
slow games against the newly-released Chessmaster 9000 on!  Larry (whose handle is LarryC) is an ICC
regular, who has played tens of thousands of games on ICC.
Each game will have at least one well-known commentator,
such as Jennifer Shahade (jenium on ICC and current US
women's champ) or Joel Benjamin (famous for, among other
things, being the GM on IBM's Deep Blue team).  The time
control will be 2 minutes per move.
        Game 1    Saturday September 28, 10:00am EDT  
        Game 2    Saturday September 28, 6:00pm EDT  
        Game 3    Sunday September 29, 10:00am EDT  
        Game 4    Sunday September 29, 6:00pm EDT  
As a bonus to ICC members, is offering Chessmaster 
9000 at a discounted rate of $29.99 ($10 off the usual 
price).  To take advantage of this offer, go to  (This offer is only for 
residents of the US and Canada, and it ends September 30th.) 
This match is sponsored by Ubi Soft, the makers of 
Chessmaster software, and  More information 
is available in the following press release: 
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