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ICC News Item #1635

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GM Sutovsky (GMAlex) and GM Dreev (Igrok) in ICC Blitz Champs Finals!

The ICC Blitz Championship has reached the final stage, with two
players remaining and ready to fight it out for the prize money
and the title of ICC World Blitz Champion!  A total of 1,436 ICC
members participated in the event, and 64 made it into the final,
knockout matches.  After five exciting knockout rounds, GM Dreev
of Russia (FIDE 2676) and GM Sutovsky (Israel, FIDE 2658) will
battle for the lion's share of the prize fund. The winner receives
USD 1500 and the loser receives USD 700. 

We had to make some changes in the schedule for the final match,
due to a conflict with the Russia vs. World team match, in which
GM Dreev participates. Thanks to GM Sutovsky for generously allowing
this new schedule. The contestants will play a 20-game match with a
time control of 5 5.  The first 12 games will be played on Saturday,
September 7, starting at 11am ICC time.  The rest of the games will
be played on Thursday, September 12 at 1pm.  If the score is tied
at 10-10, there will be a series of 4 tiebreak games (time control
5 0). If still tied after that, an Armageddon game (White 6 minutes
against Black 5 plus draw odds) will decide.

Further cash prizes will be given to all finalists who survived at
least one round. See

All ICC members are invited to watch the games live on ICC. Everyone
can download PGN files of all the games played in the final stage at .

Thanks to everyone who participated to make the ICC World Blitz
Championship a success.
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