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ICC News Item #1615

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Banter Chess on ICC June 23! GM Sutovsky vs. GM Kaidanov

ICC announces an exciting "Banter Chess" match between Grandmasters
Emil Sutovsky and Gregory Kaidanov.  The match will take place
on Sunday, June 23, at 2pm ICC time.  The Grandmasters will kibitz
their thoughts and analysis while they play, for the spectators
to watch!  (The players cannot see each other's comments).  It's a
great way to learn how the GMs think when they play.  The match will
be two games of 15 30 time control.

The match is open for viewing only to ICC members, who should type
"observe GMAlex" or "observe Kaidanov" to watch.  GM Sutovsky is rated
2660 and is from Israel.  GM Kaidanov is from the USA, rated 2616.
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