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ICC News Item #1613

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Announcing the ICC World Blitz Championship! is proud to announce the first ICC World Blitz
Championship!  All paying and exempt (IM/GM) members of are eligible to participate.  The prize fund
is $5000, plus hundreds of membership extensions.  We expect
this to be the largest tournament in ICC history.

Prize Distribution (US Dollars):
  1st       $1500
  2nd        $700
  3rd-4th    $300
  5th-8th    $150
  9th-16th   $100
  17th-32th   $50
  Plus several hundred "freemonths" in class prizes

The tournament is divided into a Qualifier stage and a
Knockout stage.  The qualifier stage consists of twelve
tournaments (beginning June 29 and continuing through July
and into August).  Four players from each Qualifier will
advance to the Knockout Phase.  And the beautiful thing is
that you can enter as many of the Qualifiers as you like!
The Knockout stage will begin on August 17th.

For full details about this great event, see these
web pages:	

(Or bring your laptop with you.)
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