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ICC News Item #1612

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Regular Tournaments for Computers on ICC!

Starting next Friday, June 21, ICC will begin a series of tournaments
just for (C)omputer accounts. Given that Tomato tourneys are reserved
for humans in general, this will give owners of (C)omputer accounts
the chance to meet in an organized, regular event for the first time
on ICC.

The tournaments are intended as a fun event, so there are no entry
restrictions, every (C) can play (but no humans!). Humans of course
can watch the action. The tournaments will be held in the pear bot on:

Tuesdays, 4pm server time: unrated 5 5, double elimination.
Fridays, 6pm server time: rated 10 6, 4 rounds Swiss.

To enter your computer account into the tourney, log it in before
the starting time and have it issue the command "tell pear join".
Operators need to make the computer match the designated opponent
each round. Both automatic and manual computer accounts are allowed.

For more information on tournaments on ICC, see help tournaments
and help Tomato.
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