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ICC News Item #1604

NEWS 1604 (13-May-02)Next Previous
Chess Today Subscription Discount for members

We are pleased to offer Chess Today (, an
electronic chess newspaper, to members at a
substantial discount.  For the next 10 days (until May 23rd), members may begin a subscription to Chess Today
at a discounted rate of over 20%!

About Chess Today:

  Chess Today is the first daily electronic newspaper on
  chess.  It was started in November 2000 by GM Alexander
  Baburin.  Chess Today has two editors and four journalists:
  IM Vladimir Barsky, GM Ruslan Scherbakov, GM Mikhail Golubev
  and GM Alexander Baburin.  The paper is delivered via e-mail
  in PDF, PGN and CBV formats.  Almost every issue has one
  well-annotated game and 1-2 tactical puzzles, as well as
  latest chess news. Chess Today also contains instructional
  materials, book review, interviews and cartoons.  Players
  rated 1500+, who are serious about chess, will benefit from
  the paper most.

  Visit for samples and more information. members can pay for Chess Today with chekels
  as described below.  Subscription is free for GMs.

How to obtain your discounted membership:

  The discounted prices are: 
            4 months   $14.00  (usually $19)
            6 months   $19.00  (usually $25)
           12 months   $32.00  (usually $44)

  To subscribe just issue an approprite c-offer command.  If I
  (Daniel Sleator with email address
  wanted to get a one year subscription, I'd use this command:

      c-offer IrishBear 32 Daniel Sleator

  Of course you should modify this by using your subscription
  price, name and email address.  (Note that IrishBear is GM
  Baburin's handle.)  For more information on
  chekels read

  But don't wait too long.  This offer is good only until May
  23, 2002.
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