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ICC News Item #1598

NEWS 1598 (27-Apr-02)Next Previous
BlitzIn 2.34 Released

Please install the latest version of BlitzIn from .
The changes are not major, but we ask that you install
this new version because:

 * We've fixed some bugs.

 * We've added a "tell ring" on the F9 key.  Keep hitting it
   to cycle through people you probably want to talk to, like
   those who you recently told something, or who recently told
   you something.  Try it, and try shift-F9 too.

 * We have removed your ICC username from blitzin window titles,
   which are vulnerable to detection by other nosy programs.  This
   will help protect the privacy of your ICC identity.

 * Tournaments in the future may require that you use this new
   version of BlitzIn.

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