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ICC News Item #1596

NEWS 1596 (22-Apr-02)Next Previous
Tomato's 150K Celebration tourney results: DukeNukem wins!

This past Saturday, April 20, Tomato hosted the 150K Celebration
tourney to commemorate 150,000 tourneys held on since
its inception. 

The tournament was a 9-round Swiss, with a time control of 4 2, and was 
a huge success, drawing a record number of 503 players!! 

This easily shattered the previous record of 424 players for a Tomato 
tourney, and was also the biggest turnout ever for a chess tourney held 
on the internet! 

There were CASH prizes worth 310 USD and almost 6 years in free months 
up for grabs! 

Here are the prize winners: 


1st (120 USD): DukeNukem(FM) - Christoph Wisnewski (Germany) 
2nd (80 USD): Tankist(GM) - Vladimir Kosyrev (Russia) 
3rd (60 USD): Shadeath(IM) - Andrey Devyatkin (Russia) 
4th (50 USD): McShane(IM) - Luke McShane (Great Britain) 
5th (6 freemonths): kanza 
6th (4 freemonths): Lepikson 
7th (2 freemonths): alligator2 
8th (2 freemonths): Carnicero 
9th (2 freemonths): RainMyMartinez 
10th (2 freemonths): A-Frhat 
11th (1 freemonth): AlexTrebeck 
12th (1 freemonth): ramonier 
13th (1 freemonth): pasc 
14th (1 freemonth): FilthyAnimal 
15th (1 freemonth): vadures 
16th (1 freemonth): L-G 
17th (1 freemonth): sloeber84 
18th (1 freemonth): BigBadCanary 
19th (1 freemonth): zeroeffect 
20th (1 freemonth): HSK 



1st (4 freemonths): grossmeister 
2nd (2 freemonths): andante 
3rd (1 freemonth): strat 


1st (4 freemonths): fano11 
2nd (2 freemonths): gamma 
3rd (1 freemonth): daves 


1st (4 freemonths): zwgzw 
2nd (2 freemonths): cas1 
3rd (1 freemonth): Winter-Owl 


1st (4 freemonths): Njaal 
2nd (2 freemonths): Snooch2ThaNooch 
3rd (1 freemonth): svindel 


1st (4 freemonths): Ohreneule 
2nd (2 freemonths): wiseman 
3rd (1 freemonth): ckott72 


1st (4 freemonths): EltsacEel 
2nd (2 freemonths): rustygecko 
3rd (1 freemonth): kirksadler 

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who participated! We
hope you all enjoyed the event! To see the grid for this event, type:
tell tomato grid 150198 
or have it emailed to you by typing:
tell tomato mailgrid 150198 <your email address>
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