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ICC News Item #1590

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Dos Hermanas Internet Tournament results: A-Rustemov wins!

Here are the results and prize winners of the 3rd Dos Hermanas
Internet Chess Tournament, hosted last week on

1st (1500 euros, 750 if he doesn't play in the Dos Hermanas Open):
    "A-Rustemov" GM Aleksander Rustemov
2nd (750 euros):
    "Reiko" GM Roland Schmaltz
3rd-4th (500 euros):
    "A123" GM Roman Dzindzichashvili
    "Azmaiparashvili" GM Zurab Azmaiparashvili
5th-8th (200 euros):
    "Adla" IM Diego Adla
    "Crest" GM Sergey Shipov
    "D-Fridman" GM Daniel Fridman 
    "Olegas" IM Oleg Krivonosov
9th-16th (100 euros):
    "Champbuster" FM Stefán Kristjánsson
    "Digo" IM Gyula Izsak
    "Hyxiom" GM Manuel Apicella
    "Igrok" GM Alexey Dreev
    "panagulis" IM Rodrigo Vasquez
    "Petrovich" GM Petr Kiriakov
    "Sapog" IM Mikhail Feygin
    "Tripy" FM José Candela Pérez

Also, ICC gave out twelve six-month memberships to participants:
Three to the top non-IM/GM members:  Champbuster, Tripy, Beeblebrox.
Three to the top non-members:  Peon-Dorado, Arahorn, gnou.
And six were selected randomly among all participants of the event:
Gades, Slivovitz, Aristophones, Gorsher, GermanChessWiz, Beats20Cents.

Congratulations to the winners, and we hope you all enjoyed the event!
For more details see or

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