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ICC News Item #1589

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Dos Hermanas III Knockout Finals March 22-23

The final knockout stage of the Dos Hermanas tournament
starts Friday, March 22, at 3pm EST on  
The 32 players who advanced from the finals are a strong
field including 15 GMs and 12 IMs.  You can see the list
and pairings on the web at or

1460 ICC members including 56 GMs and 97 IMs played in
the 12 qualifying tournaments, many playing in more than
one.  PerkNutZ completed all 9 rounds of all 12 qualifiers!
inmortal had the highest total score, 63.5.

Only a few dozen players tried to cheat, and ICC's expert
SpeedTrap team headed by FREEBIRD was very diligent and
effective at catching them.  We thank all participants
for your good sportsmanship!

Rounds 1 and 2 of the knockout are on Friday, starting
at 3pm EST (New York time).  Round 3, 4, and 5 are on
Saturday, starting at 12 noon EST.  Each match is two
games of 8/2, with a 5/0 vs 4/0 draw-odds sudden death
tie-breaker if needed.

This event is sponsored by the Dos Hermanas City Council,
the Municipal Foundation for Sport of Dos Hermanas, EDAMI
(Miguel Illescas Chess School), and
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