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ICC News Item #1581

NEWS 1581 (7-Feb-02)Next Previous
New Weekly Bullet Tournament featuring Hawkeye(GM)!

Starting next Tuesday, 5 pm server time, starts another
weekly attraction: A 7 round Swiss tournament with the popular 1-minute
time control. GM Roland Schmaltz, FIDE 2534, from Germany, known as
Hawkeye, will participate in the event every week. Hawkeye is among the
top bullet players in the world, if not the best (four times Bullet
World Champion). Type "best" on ICC to see the current Bullet best list.

You too can take part! It is simple: Log in on ICC around 16:45 server
time and type "tell flash join" (or click the appropriate item on the
event list). Never played in a tournament on ICC? No problem! You can
take a quick look at help tomato for more information, and our Tomato
managers will happily answer any questions that you have when the
tourney opens.
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