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ICC News Item #1579

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Daily Standard Tournaments- New Scheduled Event!

Sick of blitz?  Want to improve your chess with Standard Tournaments?

Each weekday at 14:15, following the Weekday Blitz tournaments, ICC
will hold a four-round standard time control tournament open to all
members!  The time control will be different each day:  Monday 20 5, 
Tuesday 20 20, Wednesday 20 0, Thursday 17 5, Friday 30 0.

To join the tournament, which is run by the tournament robot Slomato,
do "tell Slomato join" a few minutes before the start of the tournament.
There are monthly prizes, for best total score, and most games played.

For all the details, please read help DailyStandard and
finger DailyStandard on ICC.
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