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ICC News Item #1575

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Live Coverage on ICC of FIDE Championship: Ivanchuk-Ponomariov!

The broadcast team will be showing the games from the
FIDE World Championship Match between Grandmasters Vassily Ivanchuk
and Ruslan Ponomariov, both from the Ukraine.  The match in Moscow
lasts from January 16 to 25.  ICC will have live Grandmaster commentary
during the games. members are welcome to "observe" the games and
"whisper" comments with the other spectators. finger FIDE
on will give you specific information about the game
numbers to observe and the current standings.  The games will also
be listed in the Event List in Blitzin, where you can click on the
icon to watch while they are in progress.

The official web page for the event is

and the ICC web page for the event is
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