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ICC News Item #1561

NEWS 1561 (27-Nov-01)Next Previous
Live Coverage of FIDE World Championships!

The broadcast team will be showing games from the
FIDE World Championships in Moscow, lasting until December 14,
followed by the final championship match January 16 to 26!
128 players are in the men's championship and 64 players in the
women's championship.  Games start at 5am ICC time.  The top
players are Anand, Adams, and Morozevich.  ICC will have Grandmaster
commentary for the later rounds.  The event is a knockout format
with a time control of 90 30. members are welcome to "observe" the games and
"whisper" comments with the other spectators. finger FIDE2001
on will give you specific information about the game
numbers to observe and the current standings.  Each round will have
its own finger account and library of games.  The games will also
be listed in the Event List in Blitzin, where you can click on the
icon to watch while they are in progress.

ICC has web pages with pairing charts, and a list of all the players
by rating, and by name.  The main page is

The official web page for the event is
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