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ICC News Item #1558

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Grandmaster Tony Miles: 1955 -- 2001 joins the chess world in mourning the passing of 
Britain's first Grandmaster - Tony Miles.  His handle was TonyM.  GM 
Miles died in his sleep on November 12 of causes assumed to be related 
to diabetes.  He was a popular member of the community 
and will be missed as a chess coach, commentator, player, and friend. 

Memorial Tournament
  At 2:00pm New York time on Saturday November 17th, and
  the Tomato family of tournament bots will host a memorial tournament
  in honor of GM Miles.  The format will be a 9 round swiss with a 5 5
  time control.  This will be a thematic tournament with first moves
  1.e4 a6.  These are the moves which Miles used, as black, in his
  famous victory over Karpov (see "examine folgers %00")

Games Library

  Adam16mr has collected some of Miles' most famous games and put them
  into the libraries of TonyMiles1 and TonyMiles2.

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