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ICC News Item #1557

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Chess Federation of Canada RATED and sponsored tournament Nov. 18

Over $400 in guaranteed prizes!!

Once per month, on every third Sunday at 6 pm EST,
co-sponsors a 5 round, 20 0 time control, ICC Standard rated, and
CFC rated tourney, with 21 (twenty-one!) guaranteed prizes, in
three rating categories.

Next tournament: Sunday, November 18th, 2001, at 6 pm EST
(server time).  Canadian Federation paid members have FREE entry.
Non-CFC members may join for a nominal 5-chekel fee, and will
receive a CFC rating, which will then be used in future events.
Advance registrations only, please.

Some useful commands when logged on to the ICC:

help CFCseries (complete rules, prize info, and entry details), and
finger CFC-TD (updates, current info, and locating details of past
help chekels (info on currency on the ICC)

For more information on the Chess Federation of Canada:

Some past winners, and recipients of the $100 cash, first prize,

IM Tarvo
IM Bochkarev
IM Salinnikov
GM mrfloyd
GM garompon

Message questions to CFC-TD, will be responded by an event organizer.
For immediate online help, you may contact directly the tournament
manager:  Tortonpion.
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