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ICC News Item #1552

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The STC Bunch presents: TEAM 45 45 LEAGUE - Tournament 12

The Slower Time Controls Bunch presents a team league
for players on ICC:

Team 45 45 League is a chess league based on a team format.
Each team consists of four to six players, of which four
play each week.  We use the STC Bunch Game Hebdomadal
scheduling system, which is one game per week, contact by
e-mail.  The time control is 45 45.  Team Average Rating is
the average of the TOP FOUR players only.  Tournament 12 
will have a Team Rated U2000 section and U1600 section.
We'll form divisions of (hopefully) four teams who will 
play a 6 round double round robin.  Team Entry Deadline is
Nov. 1st, 2001, with Round 1 posted on Nov. 8th.  This ends
us on Dec 19th, and any playoff matches ending on Dec 26th.

We will be starting to form up teams starting right away.
If you have a team already or can form one up with your
friends, we'll enter you as a full team.

If you are interested, but don't have a team, we do provide
services to get you on a team, or at least form
"duct tape" teams.

Complete information is available at:
though the Player's Handbook is quite buried in the "Rules"
section.  Easier would be to "message" Russ on ICC with your
e-mail address and he can send this Handbook back to you.
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