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ICC News Item #1542

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September11 Fund Established

I was deeply moved by the outpouring of condolences I received
via email from every corner of the world as a result of my news
item of September 11th.  Because of this, I believe that there is
a real potential for members to do more to help.

The New York Times has established a fund to aid the victims and
their families.  (Details are given at the end of this message.)
To make it easy for you to contribute to the fund, I've created a
vendor "September11", which will accept chekels from you to be
given to the fund. will contribute $1000, then match the first $2000
of contributions from members.  The fund will close at 2300 EST
Oct. 8 2001.  After that, we'll announce the total and send a
check to the New York Times.

To buy chekels use the command "c-buy" and follow instructions.
To contribute, for example, 25 chekels to the fund you can type:

    c-offer september11 25

And if you have chekels that are in your account not doing
anything, this would be a good time to spend them.
                 Danny Sleator (Darooha)
                 President of


   At a time of great tragedy, many of us yearn to help and feel
   the frustration that comes with not being able to find a way
   to lend a hand. The lines of people offering to give blood and
   the crowds trying to volunteer stand as tributes to this, the
   best of our human instincts. To provide some tangible
   assistance to the families left in great need after the World
   Trade Center tragedy, The New York Times is establishing a
   one-month campaign to collect contributions for victims and
   their families.

   The 9/11 Neediest Fund, managed by The New York Times Neediest
   Cases Fund, will help provide financial relief to rescue
   workers and civilians or their families. The fund will cover
   all administrative costs.  This will be a special campaign
   distinct from the annual Neediest Cases drive, for which this
   year's 90th anniversary campaign will begin on Nov. 4.

   Contributions from the public will be accepted through
   Oct. 11. The proceeds will be allocated through three
   foundations representing the city's uniform services plus the
   seven social service agencies that distribute funds for The
   Times's annual Neediest Cases appeal.  Contributions may be
   mailed to:

   The New York Times 9/11 Neediest Fund 
   P.O. Box 5193,  
   General Post Office, New York, NY 10087.  

   Online contributions may be made at: 
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