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ICC News Item #1540

NEWS 1540 (8-Sep-01)Next Previous
JRLOK(GM) and GodGusti(IM) win top 5-minute prizes!

The 5-minute prize event (see news 1533) in celebration of the new
5-minute rating on ended at noon on September 3rd.  The
competition went down to the wire, with most of the top contenders
logged on for the last few hours before the deadline of 3 pm.  Both
GodGusti(IM) and Kastor(IM) were within one win of reaching the top
position at one point, but JRLOK(GM) managed to hold on to the top
rating, winning the first prize.  Godgusti(IM) had the second highest
rating, winning the second prize.


    JRLOK (GM Roman Dzindzichashvili)  - $200
    GodGusti (IM Jan Gustafsson)       - $100

When asked about the keys to his success, JRLOK (who also holds the
ICC record for highest ever human blitz rating) replied:

    "I analyze my games, not as far as what move is right
     or wrong, but the way to conduct various blitz games.
     Others, when they play chess they try to find the
     best move.  The best move is not the most important
     thing.  It is more important to expect the opponent's

Winning prizes for the highest 5-minute rating for a paid account
and earning membership extensions were:

     Eraser1         - 2 year membership extension
     Esquivelzevich  - 1 year membership extension

Thanks to all the participants who made this a successful event, and
stay tuned for the next ICC prize event!
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