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ICC News Item #1538

NEWS 1538 (31-Aug-01)Next Previous
Salinnikov(IM) wins the August 15 0 Championship!!

Salinnikov scored 3.5/4 in the Finals of the August 
15 0 Championship, replacing germanicus, the previous 15 0 Champion.
Congratulations to Salinnikov!!  To see the full grid, type:  
"tell littleper grid 126146".

Rhand scored 5/6 to take the Under 2000 Class Finals and claim
the Under 2000 honors.  To see the grid of that event, type: "tell 
Cooly grid 125430".  

In the Under 1600 Class Finals, Philwillb scored 5.5/6 to take the 
Under 1600 honors.  To see the grid of the U1600 Class Finals, type:
 "tell LittlePer grid 125431"

For details on the next Championship event, finger Championship on
ICC or visit the Championship web site at: 

Present and past Champions, rules and schedules may be found on the 
web site.

Hope to see you in a Championship Event!  Good luck!
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