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ICC News Item #1536

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CFC-RATED Tournament with $400+ in Prizes, August 19th! hosts Chess Federation of Canada Tournaments.
This Series continues with a new tourney on Sunday Aug 19 at 6pm.
All ICC members may enter.  CFC members get free entry.
Others pay a 5-chekel entry fee and get a provisional CFC rating!
The tournament will be five rounds of 20 0 time control.

The games will be officially rated by the CFC.  Over $400 in cash
and gift certificates, plus ICC membership extensions, will be given
out in prizes!  Everyone has a chance to win prizes, as there will
be prizes in three categories:  Open, Under 2000, and Under 1600.

The deadline for entry is noon on Saturday, the day before the
tournament.  Please read help CFCseries carefully for all the
rules and information on how to enter and pay the entry fee if
you are not a CFC member.  Absolutely no computer assistance is
allowed in this tournament.

Please read help CFC7.01 to see results from the July event.
These events continue on each third Sunday, monthly, until further
notice, currently through to the end of the year.

help CFCseries for ALL the details (dates, how to join...)
"message CFC-TD" with questions or comments.
finger CFC-TD for quick reference entry info.
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